Thursday, August 7, 2014

It is easy , by diligent study of the past, to foresee what is likely to happen in the future..." Niccolo Machiavelli

It's here! The Q3 database is shipping via email!  And, the Q4 database will be shipping soon too. You can get both by subscribing for less than a cup of coffee a month:

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Used by some of the largest mutual and hedge funds across the country, we've developed this database specifically for individual investors.

Every day, more and more professional money managers are turning to seasonality to help determine when to buy, sell or hold.  Our institutional clients include some of the largest managers in the country.  And, they're increasingly incorporating seasonal strategies into their portfolios.

And, you can too.

Every quarter, you'll receive our seasonality database, which uncovers the seasonal trends on over 1500 widely traded, institutional quality stocks!  Plus, you'll also receive:
  •  ETF seasonality shows you which sectors and industries are best and worst.
  • Seasonality on over 300 ADRs.
  • Improved!  Separate worksheet pages for ETFs, ADRs, Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap.
Seasonality helps you define entry points and control risk.
  • Know when not just what you should be trading this quarter.
  • Sort-friendly excel spreadsheets provide flexibility. Sort by sector, industry or returns.
  • Fully functioning excel allows you to search by ticker symbol.
Subscribe today using our Buy Now PayPal button and save!  Pay only $3.99 a month.  $3.99 monthly gets you:
  • Color coded seasonality:  quickly see winners and losers.
  • The most valuable desktop investment tool you'll ever use.
How long would it take you to compile seasonality on 1,500 stocks, 300 ADRs and 50 ETFs?

I'm willing to bet the countless hours of your time are worth more than $3.99.  We do the work and you get more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.  I'm sure you'll find great ideas but more importantly, you'll improve your win rate, lower your losses and gain a valuable edge over other investors.

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Why should you buy our Seasonality Database?  First, it's a great price.   Only $3.99 a month for seasonality on 1500 stocks, 300+ ADRs, 50 ETFs, all color coded and sortable, delivered to your email inbox.  This is less than you spend on coffee each week and probably less than you spend on gas for one day of your commute to work!

At only $3.99 a month, isn't it worth seeing how much more money you could be making knowing when to buy, not just what to buy?

But, why trust us?  Because we've been helping the biggest mutual and hedge funds in the country beat their benchmarks since 2003.

And, now we're offering this valuable piece of our research to individual investors like you for pennies a day.  Subscribe and see for yourself what seasonality can do for you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Will Apple Disappoint Investors Come Fall?

With Apple's iPhone event on deck for September, investors are right to wonder whether shares are likely to trade up or down after Apple unveils the bells and whistles of its latest phone. Whether its a faster processor, stronger glass, or bigger screen, Apple's past may prove prelude. Over the past decade, shares in Apple have finished October higher than they begin August eight times, returning an average 17.8%. If you're the kind of person who prefers to consider median returns rather than average returns, Apple has still delivered a respectible 16.63% in the period. That absolutely trounces the SPY's median return of 3.95% and suggests that investors may want to be watching Apple closely for an entry point leading up to its September 9th shindig.

Interested in knowing the seasonality for other stocks? Scroll down to subscribe for just $3.99 per month for full access to our database.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If you're wondering if you should step in and buy Valero's 10% drop today, you may want to wait. Refiners like Valero are typically strong in spring, but weak in summer. Valero has gained 3 of the last 10 years in the 3 month period ending August, returning a median -10.01%.  You can see other refiners by subscribing below.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seasonality suggests you may want to fade Vertex's 40% jump today. The summer has been historically tough for shares overall. In the past 10 years shares have only gained ground 4 times with a median -1.92%. You can see how other drug makers have performed in summer by subscribing below.

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